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08 June 2009 @ 03:10 pm
BLOOD CONTRACT: a johnny's-and-related-stars-based au roleplay.  
blood contract [bluhd kon-trakt]

1. a pact made between a vampire and a human.
2. made when the human is on the brink of death.
3. an act in which the human surrenders his or her life to the vampire.
4. sealed by drinking each other's blood.
Death seemed to be the only option as you laid there, awaiting your inevitable fate. This was to be the end. You could hardly believe it. There was still so much more for you to do, yet you knew that this was going to be the end. Ah... You can't help but have a fleeting thought of your mother's sadness, and dream of a moment back in the protection of her arms. You question the meaning of your life, but come up with nothing, and realised that all your life you had been more or less a bum. Only now, with your last thoughts, were you considering the ambitions that had long since been stolen by the reality of society. Too late. It was too late.

A mysterious shadow falls upon you. Is that... an angel? You wonder out loud, and a low chuckle comes from the figure. The silence was brief, for they seemed to understand that you did not have long, before they gave a proposition that would change your life forever. If you were to accept it, you would be given a second life superior to that of a human's. However, you must live in secret. It's an angel. You confirm silently to yourself.

The figure spoke: "Say the word and you shall be granted just that. But you must choose wisely, for there would be no space for regret." What would it be? Would you end your life, here and then, with the memory of of yourself swimming in a pool of your own blood? Or would you take the offer and live your life in eternal damnation? It's your choice. But, just as a kind word of warning: time is running out for you. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. You don't have long left. Now, what would it be?

Why pretend to ponder when you've already decided?